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Winter can be a tough time for your skin.

The cold air and wind outside in addition to the heat inside is very drying for your skin.

Now is a good time to winterize your skin!

It is important to hydrate your skin from the inside out:

  • Drink plenty of water, green tea and eat your veggies. Veggies are loaded with water. Carry a water bottle around with you and sip all day. Not a fan of water? Try Infusing it with fruit or cucumbers and mint for a yummy taste! As a bonus, drinking enough water, green tea and eating veggies will keep you full longer and keep off those winter pounds we all vow to lose on New Year’s day.
  • Take fish oil and flax seed oil supplements to help to keep your skin moist. Fish oil and flax seed oil contain essential fatty acids which can help to keep skin hydrated and protected from the damaging effects of the environment.
  • Make your own at home spa to winterize your skin. Try an Oatmeal bath. Oats contain avenanthramides which fight inflammation and redness. Set the mood by lighting candles and turning on soft music. Grind oats in a blender and sprinkle into the water as your tub fills up and soak for at least 15 minutes. Make sure your water is not too hot. Drink your green tea while soaking. Pat dry your skin, do not rub it with towel. Apply moisturizer directly out of the tub while skin is still moist so it absorbs better.

If you are looking for a great moisturizer for to combat the cold and wind this winter, try SHEALD Recovery Balm by iS Clinical Skincare. It even works great for your hands!

– Nurse @ Innovative Directions in Health