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So what what can YOU do to Prevent Aging Skin???

Topical high quality anti-oxidants are KEY!

Did you know that only 1% of orally ingested antioxidants (vitamins) get to the skin? And, with age, the concentration of antioxidants in the skin declines considerably?

The highest concentration of antioxidants in the body is contained in the epidermal layer of the skin, forming a protective barrier for the living dermal layer and the internal body. Without the protective capacity of this layer, damage to the skin increases.

  1. Choose your products wisely. Pharmaceutical grade products may be more expensive but will deliver better results and long lasting benefits. Raw pharmaceutical ingredients have go through testing to prove their quality vs Cosmeceutical ingredients (store bought products) do not and there is a wide range of quality.
  2. Wear your sun protection daily! You can find a good one that will not only protect you from the sun but hydrate your skin and provide much needed anti-oxidants to combat aging.
  3. Choose products that multi-task and that are right for your skin type. If your budget is small it is better to have 1 high quality product than several poor quality products.

We carry the skincare line by iS Clinical because of their clinically proven product formulas. The products deliver visible and lasting results. Their ingredients tested with scientific evidence and are paraben free and safe – many of them contain bio-identical growth hormone and bio-identical lipids. They are cosmetically elegant as well; make-up wears well over them!

We are happy to announce that we are adding 2 products to our skincare menu:

  • SHEALD Recovery Balm (Protective, Soothing and Nourishing) – So hydrating and healing! Good for any open wounds, sensitive, dry skin, post treatment, etc.
  • ProHeal Serum Advance (Healing, Super Anti-Oxidant, Reparative) – Great for any kind of redness to the skin (rosacea, inflammation, etc., even bug bites).

Are you are interested in exploring what skincare products are right for you? Come in for a complimentary skincare consultation on Mondays or Wednesdays through end of July!

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– Lisa (Medical Esthetician, Innovative Directions in Health)