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I would make a bet to anyone dollars to donuts that in the very near future, the medical scientists will make these three points very clear to physicians and to the general public:

1.  Having a very low level of sex hormones is very risky and leads to all sorts of health problems and poor quality of life.

2.  Over treating with high dose and/or synthetic hormones is very risky.

3.  Treating patients with low dose, closely monitored bio-identical hormone replacement using the proper route is the best treatment to maintain quality of life and good health with aging.

There is almost nothing that is controversial in those points and the medical science that is published already suggests those 3 conclusions. These finding are coming out of places like the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, not ‘Larry’s Basement Medical Blog.’ Feel free to open the following links to read more and see what I’m talking about….

Dr. Rich Sinda

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