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Six months can seem like a long time…

But when you are Feeling Great, Sleeping All Night and getting everything done because of Unlimited Energy

…six months is nothing!

That is how long I have been on Dr. Sinda’s personal plan he created just for me with bio-identical hormones and supplements…and it was time for another blood test to see what my body is saying. Yay!! I was so curious!!

Here is how it went!

Dr. Sinda studied the results of my blood tests and compared them to the previous tests taken. It was so interesting to see if the numbers had improved! We went through each test. As Dr. Sinda was carefully analyzing he was also asking about my symptoms and how I was feeling.

Estrogen Level:  Much improved and my body would like a little more…we slightly increased the cream I put on my arm each night

Progesterone Level:  Much improved…Susie..don’t forget to take that one at night under your tongue.. (note to self!), it must be taken with the estrogen for both to work with each other when you are in menopause!

Testosterone Levels:  Put on a little less cream on in the morning. My body absorbed it easily and fast and we can cut back a little.

Vitamin D3 Level:  Cut back to taking 5,000iu only 3 times a week…my body caught up and absorbed it beautifully. (did you know that most of us that live in the lovely state of Minnesota are low in D3? Winters are long so we have to stay on top of that one!)

Thyroid Levels:  Let’s increase the dosage a tad.

Magnesium Glycinate Supplement for Sleep:  Perfect! Lovely and restful at night

DHEA Level:  Perfect!

Now…let me tell you how wonderful I felt that Dr. Sinda was in charge!! As you can probably tell, I love this kind of thing. I read every book I see on good organic food, skincare and anti-aging. I can spend hours at whole foods, or a local co-op reading about all the supplements and what they can do..wanting to buy them all…and I have! But let me tell you…our bodies are a perfectly well-oiled machine and I am so thankful Innovative Directions in Health has come into my life!

Would I really know exactly how much estrogen my body needs if I just go and buy some supplement on my own? Those tricky hormones are too important!! Just the slightest tweak can make a difference in feeling calm and balanced, or anxious and moody. Now I know exactly how much my body needs of what..and it’s proven through a simple blood test and a well-informed Doctor.

Thank you Innovative Directions in Health, Dr. Sinda, and the whole team!! What a gift you are to so many of us!!

I’m staying the course!

Stop in and chat with me at Innovative Directions in Health’s upcoming open house on Tuesday, September 16th from 5 – 7pm. Dr. Sinda will be there too! Remember to mark your calendar!

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~ Susie

 PS – I am beaming with joy holding my new grandbaby!