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Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first walked into Innovative Directions In Health.

Time goes so fast when you are feeling good!

It’s been just a wonderful year. I’ve been staying the course with all the bioidentical hormones prescribed for me by Dr. Sinda and everything is working beautifully. I just had another set of blood tests to see if we needed any adjustments. It’s so interesting how fine-tuned our bodies are. Age, stress and life changing events can all affect our hormones. I was curious to see if I needed any tweeking.

I was feeling great, but the tests showed I needed to increase a dosage for one bioidentical precription, and decrease another..just a tad. Thankful for Dr. Sinda’s knowledge, he was able to pin point exactly what I needed to keep my body in tune and running perfectly, and we made a few adjustments. All I could think was…I would never want to try and diagnose and treat myself.

My appointment reminded me so much of tuning my violin. Yes…I played the violin for 30 years! When one string is out of tune, it’s impossible to play. Much like our bodies…everything must be perfectly tuned before we can even start to play too! Thankfully, I have the staff at Innovative Directions in Health to direct the orchestra!

Next blog post! I have some wonderful recipes to share..peanut butter fudge with frosting and all good for you! Stay tuned!!

xoxoxo to all!

– Susie 

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