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Do you feel lost when it comes to understanding how much Botox you might need?

The truth is, the optimal amount of Botox for any patient can only be determined in consultation with a qualified injector. However, a basic understanding of how Botox works can help guide you in knowing approximately how much you may need.

Here are some helpful tips when researching your treatment options,

Choose your Injector wisely:
Look for an experienced injector with a trained aesthetic eye who knows the facial anatomy and how your facial muscles work. This is a MUST. A custom plan for your desired look will be determined.

Find Botox Priced by “Unit” vs an “Area”:
Choose an injector that charges by the unit, not by the area. Someone with a smaller or narrower face may need less Botox units as compared to someone with a fuller face or someone with stronger facial muscles. Gender and age are also factors. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to Botox.

Definition of a “unit”:  Botox targets dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles are formed by repeated muscle movements that make our facial expressions. Botox works by temporarily blocking nerve signals to a specific muscle, thus preventing the wrinkle-making muscle from moving. It is not injected into each wrinkle. Botox is measured in “units” based on strength. This unit is unique to Botox; i.e. 10 units of Dysport does not equal 10 units of Botox. A unit is the amount of Botox it takes to block the nerve responsible for muscle contraction. This will depend on how strong your facial muscles are and the number of units necessary which is unique to you.

Get the recommended dose:
Whether or not it is your first treatment, getting the right dose to see your desired results is important. Attempting to save money by undertreating an area may likely be a waste of your time and money. For example, if you need 20 units for your frown lines, or“11’s”, getting half the dosage of 10 units will not make your frown lines look 50% better. 10 units will probably not make much of a visible difference with your frown lines and you will most likely come back for extra injections to fix the results. If your budget does not allow for the full dose, you are better off choosing treatment areas you can afford.

First-time Patients:
We like to inject our patients who are new to Botox with a conservative approach the first time around. The goal is to get as close as possible to the optimal amount of Botox without over-treating an area. It is better to come back for a touch-up than to receive too much! Our goal is to diminish wrinkles while still being able to make normal facial expressions, providing a natural look.

The chart below gives you a general range of Botox units needed to relax the muscles in specific areas:

How much Botox will I need

Our Nurse Injectors are here daily. If you are interested in finding out how many units of Botox would be right for your face, contact Jill or Sarah at (952)922-2345 or by email.