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The Glycemic Index (GI) relates to the way your body’s sugar levels respond to certain foods.

Low Glycemic Index eating avoids causing spikes in blood insulin levels. A low GI diet has several advantages:

        • There is no starving involved
        • Cravings (especially for sweets) are decreased dramatically
        • Serum cholesterol levels normalize and weight loss is easy for most who follow it
        • Proteins stay healthier longer- and this slows the aging process
        • There is an increase in fat burning- especially between meals
        • No calorie counting, portion control, or weighing and measuring foods are necessary- just choose your meals and snacks from the Low Glycemic Index lists

Here are some helpful links:
*  http://www.lowcarbiseasy.com/dietplanlowgi.htm
*  http://www.lowglycemicdiet.com/gifoodlist.html

It is not a ‘Low Carb’ diet. It is a healthy carb diet.  ~ Dr. Sinda