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Q:  “I am 41 and still have periods that are getting worse with age. I now suffer from a lot of PMS – which I never did before! I have bloating, sore breasts and gain about 5 pounds with every period. I also have anxiety that seems to be related to my periods. Is there anything I can do with hormones to help or do I need to wait until I hit menopause?”              
A:  “It is very common to have an increase in PMS symptoms as we age. Our hormones begin to decline, change and become imbalanced long before we actually complete menopause (by definition, 12 consecutive months without a period). Most women start to experience changes after the age of 35, though some are more subtle than others and not everyone is affected in the same way. Every woman is unique. Common symptoms of PMS are bloating, weight gain with period, breast tenderness, mood swings, anxiety, cravings, increased cramping, and irritability. Typically symptoms start about a week before the period but in many cases as early as 2 weeks prior. If you are experiencing these symptoms, there is help. We treat many women with hormonal imbalances of PMS and most report feeling much better with their PMS symptoms greatly relieved! Remember… changing, declining hormones is a process, not an event. There are measures you can take along the way to feel better!”