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It's that time of year when we are run down and tired and our eyes show it!

  Try this DIY remedy for under eye puffiness. My eye doctor shared this tidbit with me and I have seen amazing results with patients who have tried it! Swollen or puffy eyes occur when there is inflammation or excess fluid and oil in the connective tissues surrounding the eye. Swollen eyes can affect both the upper and lower eyelids. These simple steps just take a few minutes every night.   1) WARM COMPRESSES Warming your eyelids will increase oil production and help melt the oil that has solidified in the glands. Use a warm washcloth to apply heat on the eyelids for two minutes. This warms the oil and allows it to flow more freely and also helps soften lash debris. 2) MASSAGE Apply light pressure on the lower under eye area with your index finger from the inner eye to the outer eye. Roll the finger upward on the lower lid while looking up. 3) LID STIMULATION This helps to remove oil, bacteria and debris. It also stimulates the oil glands. With your eye closed, use a Q-tip or a warm washcloth on the tips of your fingers to rub along the lash line on the top and bottom lid. 4) FLAX SEED OIL In addition to the above, some people benefit by adding omega-3 fats to their diet which will help with the oil consistency. If you have any questions about the steps, give me a call or stop in. I would be happy to walk you through the steps and also share with you other products or tips to help revive your eyes. I can be reached at (952)922-2345 or nurse@idinhealth.com. Jill, RN @Innovative Directions in Health