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I’ve been thinking to myself over the past few years, “Hey you don’t look bad for over 50”. I would look in the mirror and pull my lower face up with my hands and think, “yea, it’s a little saggy, but what do you expect”?

When I started working at Innovative Directions in Health I was introduced to LipoSculpture, which is a treatment that kills fat cells without having surgery.  

The ingredients used in LipoSculpture are injections of phosphatidylcholine and a sodium deoxycholate solution, (I know, it is a mouthful!). These ingredients are natural and found in our own bodies (in bile produced for digestion). Together the ingredients break down fat cells and emulsify the fat that is released. The dead fat cells are then removed naturally by the body’s own repair cells over several weeks and new collagen is laid down, smoothing the skin.

I thought, “Wow, something can be done for my jowls and second chin”! I knew I had to try this. We took before pictures and I was injected by Dr. Sinda’s other Nurse, Sarah.

For me, the injections did not hurt. The area injected was numbed prior to the treatment. I began to swell immediately after I was injected and continued to swell for 24 hours. This IS a natural part of the process. The swelling was significant, in fact my son on day two referred to me as “Spongebob Square Face”!  I had the procedure on a Friday and by Monday I was presentable for work, still a little swollen, but much better than the previous two days.

I had pictures taken 10 weeks after the procedure. As you can see, the transformation is pretty amazing!! When I compared the before and after pictures, I was blown away. I honestly think it took about 10 years off my appearance! I love the younger looking me!!

Jill Collage 4

Jill collage 3

I am an open book when it comes to the procedures I have tried and perform. I have been in the cosmetic industry and have been injecting Botox and Dermal Fillers for over 10 years.

Feel free to ask me any questions if you are exploring options and or looking into having a cosmetic treatment done. I am available at (952)922-2345 or via email, nurse@idinhealth.com.