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New Solution for Wrinkles around the Mouth

New Solution for Wrinkles around the Mouth

Lips lines have always been challenging to injectors. Prior to Bellafill, the fillers I used to treat the lip lines around the mouth were hyaluronic acid fillers; Juvederm, Restylane, Belatero, etc. Hyaluronic fillers plump up an area and attract water to the surface of skin often creating a swollen look. After 6-9 months the hyaluronic acid goes away and the lines return to what they looked like before the filler.

By injecting Bellafill, the body is growing collagen in the area around the lips with results lasting 5 years. We are seeing beautiful, natural looking results without any puffiness by filling in the wrinkles with collagen.

The photo below was taken 2 months after a Bellafill treatment for vertical lip lines. Collagen stimulation takes about 3 weeks and continues to improve filling in the lines and smoothing out texture with the new collagen laid down. Unlike a hyaluronic filler, after the 5 years of Bellafill results do not go back to baseline. The new collagen production and renewed skin-tone is yours to keep!

~ Jill, Injection Specialist & Bellafill Trainer at Innovative Directions in Health


If you would like to learn more about all of the different options available for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and youthful aging, contact us! Our Nurse Jill Porter, is an expert in this area in and is one of the top injectors in Minnesota. 

Choose Quality Over Convenience

Choose Quality Over Convenience

Dr. Sinda and our staff recommends quality products from professional supplement and skincare companies who share the same commitment to your health – optimizing your health and skin. The medical grade products we offer meet rigid testing standards to ensure scientifically-backed ingredients at clinically appropriate dosages. We trust these companies because they are accountable for the results we get with our patients.

What can go wrong when you buy supplements online? 

Many of our patients often take our supplement recommendations and turn to internet sites for convenience of online shopping. While we understand the desire to save time and money, there are some risks that patients are often unaware of when purchasing supplements online. Please read further.

Quality Control

Supplements purchased on sites like Amazon may sit in large, uncontrolled warehouses not intended to store medications or supplements. Unregulated for temperature and humidity control, these conditions can have a significant impact on product potency and viability. Read more:http://www.businessinsider.com/brutal-conditions-in-amazons-warehouses-2013-8

Tampered Product

To conceal their identity, internet resellers often deface product labels and alter important tracking information. They will rub off expiration dates, manufacturer lot numbers and bar codes all of which are crucial for the manufacture to guarantee its efficacy. Read more:  http://patch.com/connecticut/oxford-ct/why-you-should-never-buy-supplements-on-amazon-or-ebay_d0e64f41

Counterfeit Product

As professional supplements grow in popularity, so does the prevalence of cheap, imitation products camouflaged as professional line supplements. While these products will look the same as the ones in our office, they use inferior raw ingredients that virtually never have correct amount of the active ingredients they are supposed to contain.  Read more:  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/amazon-struggling-to-keep-counterfeits-off-market-retailer-says/

Please be sure you are purchasing from reliable sources. For your convenience, we offer shipping on all supplements and skincare products. We also can make arrangements for pick up if you can’t get here during office hours. If you are running low, feel free to email, call (952)922-2345 or use this form.