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Simple Nutrition

Simple Nutrition

Have you been afraid of trying a “Green” drink? Green Energy by Nurish has made it simple for you.

We now offer individual servings of the Green Energy drink mix. This is a perfect way for you to sample this nutritious drink or keep a packet in your purse / gym bag for when you are on the go. Green Energy is a multi-nutrient blend that contains over 45 super nutrients and foods (not to mention countless vitamins and minerals), which if taken daily, will enrich your body with a natural and nutritional blast. This high octane, delicious greens blend will enrich your body with the nutrients and superfoods your body has been craving for. If you want to learn more about why you should take a Greens blend, click here.  

Watch a Botox Injection

Watch a Botox Injection

If needles don’t make you weak in the knees, watch our Injection Specialist, Jill Porter, perform a botox treatment to get rid of her client’s fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox is a fantastic treatment to soften and prevent lines and wrinkles from forming. Botox can be used as part of a treatment plan when treating the face as a whole and is often combined with dermal fillers to give a non-surgical lift. This page answers common questions about Botox.

You can see our Nurse answer questions about Botox on the video below and watch a Botox Procedure to see how easy and comfortable we make it.

Once you try it, you will wonder why you waited so long!

If you still have questions about Botox, send an email! Jill or Sarah, our Nurses would be happy to hear from you.


My Experience with Hormones

My Experience with Hormones

I started working at Innovative Directions in Health March of 2015 and had never contemplated using hormones. My everyday life consisted of: hot flashes, weight gain (especially around my mid-section), low libido, brain fog, difficulty remembering things, insomnia.

All of these symptoms were annoying but I really noticed that “I just didn’t feel like me anymore”. I used to be fun and chatty and full of energy! Where did that go?? I realized after talking to Dr. Sinda and starting on Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone plus supplements used to support healthy aging (DHEA, vitamin D and Magnesium) that I was becoming the “fun” Jill again.

About 3 weeks after I started taking BioIdentical Hormones, I walked into the office and told Dr. Sinda “the fog has lifted!!” I am sleeping again, which has been a problem for around 15 years. Every night I used to lie awake, unable to shut off my thoughts and if I woke up during the night I would be awake for hours. Now, I rub the Estrogen cream on my arm, slip a Progesterone under my tongue, take my vitamin D and Magnesium supplements and within a half hour it is lights out. I sleep all night with absolutely no trouble falling asleep.

I am learning something new at work every day in which I can apply to my own life and help our patients with. I love working here and feel better than I have in a long time. I am even working out, which was a huge issue with me because I was always tired (mentally and physically). My friends and family comment on how my skin is glowing and my eyes are back to sparkling. I will continue to share more of my journey back to health with all of you. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions you may have to share your story. I am a great listener and am here to help.

Jill, RN 

Contact me at (952)922-2345 or Nurse@idinhealth.com

Are Your Skincare Products Effective?

Are Your Skincare Products Effective?

Skincare is the least invasive way to change your skin.

In order to get results consumers should understand the difference between over-the-counter cosmeceuticals and pharmaceutical/ medical grade products.

We always recommend pharmaceutical/medical grade skincare products because they provide a superior level of treatment unmatched to Over-The-Counter (OTC) cosmeceuticals (products that can be purchased without a prescription). Medical grade products have the ability to reverse damage done to the skin, treat existing skin problems and protect skin from future damage. Most people do not understand that OTC products are not required to have clinical studies performed on their products. Only “medical grade” products (available at a physician’s office or where there is a medical director) must go through an extensive testing and approval processes to ensure its effectiveness and proven results.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients are more expensive BUT provide more of the active ingredient and are safer for the consumer to use because they do not contain impurities.

There are many factors why phamaceutical grade products cost more, here are a few important ones:

  • Very few over the counter skincare products are formulated with medical-quality ingredients. To earn a “pharmaceutical grade” label using medical-quality ingredients they have to be tested to verify purity and effectiveness. The testing process is not cheap.
  • Medical grade products contain a higher amount of Active ingredients than anything you could buy over the counter. (Active ingredients are those that can physically change your skin (i.e.; reduce wrinkles, brown spots, acne, hydrate, etc.)) Medical grade ingredients are also pure vs OTC which often contain “fillers” because they are cheap AND can be problematic for many skin types.
  • OTC products are NOT allowed by the FDA to penetrate the outer most layer of the skin; a.k.a the epidermis “dead tissue of the skin”. They instead sit on the surface of the skin. True changes that come to the skin are a result of altering the Dermal layer; a.k.a. dermas “living tissue”. Medical grade ingredients penetrate the epidermis to work deeper in the skin.
  • Product development is also a significant cost. The most innovative science is expensive but this allows the consumer to purchase very effective products.

This isn’t to say that you won’t see results from an OTC skincare product. You may receive minimal results to the epidermis. It will also take longer to notice improvement and you will have to use more of the products, which means spending more money. True changes that come to the skin are a result of altering the Dermal layer.

This is why we recommend products that are pharmaceutical / medical grade. These products will not only give great results but are GOOD for your skin and worth spending extra. The skincare lines we carry have published studies with proven results. They also stand behind their product 100%, meaning if you are using the product correctly and are not seeing results or are not completely satisfied you can bring it back for a full refund*.

The medical grade skincare lines we carry and endorse their quality of proven results are: Revision Skincare, iS Clinical Skincare and NEOCUTIS Skincare.

We would be happy help you in determining what products would best suit your skin based on your budget and skin concerns. Fill out this form to set up your complimentary skincare analysis.

*A full refund for iS Clinical Skincare will issued only if there is a reaction.