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SUZANNE Organics Skincare

SUZANNE Organics Skincare

Introducing SUZANNE Organics Skincare!

4-Piece Skincare Kit

Bioactive Moisturizer — 1 oz
Helps restore a youthful, ageless appearance. Loaded with natural botanical active ingredients, like CoQ10, Argan Oil, and Sea Buckthorn Berry, this moisturizer acts as a superfood, stimulating cellular turnover for youthful, ageless skin.

Calming Toner — 4 oz
Balances and refreshes skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike drying toners made with alcohol and witch hazel, this formula opens pores, creating a liquid highway to help your skin receive the benefits of the serums and moisturizers to follow.

Everyday Cleanser — 4 oz
Provides gentle but thorough cleansing while hydrating your skin. Unlike facial washes with synthetic sudsing agents, this cleanser won’t strip the skin’s precious moisture. It’s designed to nurture with antioxidants and hydrate, while providing thorough cleansing. Excellent for all skin types and gentle enough to remove eye makeup.

Exfoliating Peach Cleanser — 5 oz
Detoxifies and exfoliates at a cellular level. Beta-Hydroxy Acids from organic fruits and Green Tea gently loosen layers of old skin cells while stimulating new cell turnover, then Polished Peach Grains lift away dead layers, leaving remarkable radiance.

Ageless Serum

Ageless Serum — 1 oz
Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This remarkable serum is botanically loaded with nature’s most powerful anti-aging ingredients, such as African Birch and Sea Algae, to plump, firm, and restore elasticity to aging skin. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin’s natural vitality.

Now available in our clinic! Stop by or call (952)922-2345 for more information about SUZANNE Organics.

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Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacies


There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about compounding medicines and compounding pharmacies.

First of all, compounding is used all over the country to make many types of medications (from diaper rash creams to cough syrups to topical anesthetics) and to a greater or lesser degree is done by MOST pharmacies. These medications are used in hospitals and most clinics all over the country.

“Compounding” in essence means that a pharmacist combines two or more products in order to improve the effectiveness or convenience of the product. Medications strengths or delivery methods can be customized for each individual’s needs. There are many benefits of compounded medications.

Some advantages are improving patient compliance and by decreasing side effects – by changing the dosage strengths of medication with the approval of the physician, removing dyes and/or fillers, or changing the medication delivery system (sublingual troches or triturates, suspensions, injectables, transdermal gels and creams, etc.).

Often a source of confusion is that the FDA does not ‘approve’ the products coming out of compounding pharmacies. This is actually a technicality when it comes to bio identical hormones. Pharmacists at specialty pharmacies, such as Bloomington Drug use estradiol (estrogen), progesterone and testosterone that ARE FDA approved. It is the act of mixing these FDA approved products with something else like a vanishing cream, transdermal gel, etc. that makes the product ‘not FDA approved.’ In the case of the weaker estrogen estriol (E3), which is often use in conjunction with estradiol to make Biest cream, the FDA has not thoroughly investigated it. Ironically, all of the science to date has suggested estriol (E3) is the safest estrogen and appears to have anti-inflammatory and anti-breast cancer effects.

The FDA approval process is intended for mass-produced drugs made by manufacturers. Because compounded medications are personalized for individual patients, it is not possible for each formulation to go through the FDA’s drug approval process, which takes years to complete and is prohibitively expensive, often costing hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Bioidentical hormone therapies compounded can be used to treat the following conditions or symptoms: Menopause, Perimenopause, PMS, Andropause, Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue.

If you would like to get more information about these therapies, schedule a consultation to discuss with me or attend our open house.

– Dr. Rich Sinda

Protein Powder Choices

Protein Powder Choices

With so many selections, how do you know how to choose the best protein powder?

1) When you choose a protein powder you want to choose one that is not loaded with artificial sweeteners, flavors, additives, preservatives and colors. These ingredients can cause stomach discomfort and bloating.

2) You want to choose a protein powder low in sugar and processed carbs. Stevia is an excellent natural sweetener available in many protein powders now.

3) You want to choose a protein powder with fiber to keep you feeling full.

4) You want to choose a natural protein that is sourced from plant-based proteins or from cows not treated with dangerous growth hormones. Soy protein is not natural and causes bloating and stomach discomfort. Casein, Whey, and milk proteins are excellent choices, especially in blends.

5) Cold processed powders are best, as heating destroys the nutrients.

6) Time-released protein blends with fast and slow acting proteins will provide you with a longer period of nutrition and decreased insulin spikes. Powders with only Whey protein are not unhealthy, but can cause insulin spikes.

Do you have a favorite to recommend? Post it on our Facebook page. I will be posting mine as well!

– Sarah, RN

A Gift That Keeps Giving

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Hello Ladies . . . and especially sons and daughters . . . and husbands!

This one is for you! Guess what’s coming up soon? MOTHERS DAY!

Doesn’t it come up quickly? It’s always hard to think of something that will be special, thoughtful, long-lasting, and difficult for Mom to buy for herself.

I am entering 16 weeks of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy at Innovative Directions in Health with Dr. Sinda . . . and this is truly the gift that keeps giving!


Take this TEST:


1) Have you heard your Mom complain about hot flashes?
HINT: If the sweater suddenly gets thrown off, face is getting flushed, and a napkin is used as a fan . . .
that’s a hot flash!

2) Have there been comments about waking up every night at 3 a.m.?
HINT: Ask if she is dreaming.  If not, there is not enough highly needed, deep sleep happening here!

3) Does she open the refrigerator and find the scissors? 
Ah-Ha! Brain fog!

Call Innovative Directions in Health at (952)922-2345 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sinda. While you’re at it, throw in a facial or one of their skin rejuvenation treatments. Believe me, she will love it!

Better yet Ladies, do this for yourselves. You’ll be happy for months to come!!

Yours truly,


PS – The picture is of me and my lovely daughters.

Mom’s, share this post with your loved ones and be treated to a great gift on your special day! 

Total Body Workout

Total Body Workout

This is a great total body workout I do at home. It requires no equipment. You can do it all at once, or do a little bit here and there throughout the day until you can do it all.  If you cannot perform the number of reps indicated, do less and move on to the next exercise. Your strength will increase with time and practice. Just remember to always push yourself and do as many as you can.  Remember any exercise is better than no exercise!

  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 5 Pushups
  • 25 High Knees
  • 7 Burpees
  • 10 Crunches
  • 7 Squats
  • 5 Push-ups
  • 10 Crunches
  • 5 Pushups
  • 7 Squats
  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 1 Minute Wall Sit
  • 5 Push-ups
  • 25 High Knees

Repeat 3-5 times for best results.

What is your favorite exercise on this list? Join in our conversation on Facebook. I will post tips for the exercises above.

– Sarah (RN, Innovative Directions in Health)