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Cookie-Dough Bar Recipe

Cookie-Dough Bar Recipe

Sarah’s Favorite Healthy Recipes

Cookie-Dough Bar Recipe Ingredients:

*  1 ½ cups old fashioned oats
*  ½ cup cashew flour
*  ½ cup brown rice flour
*  1/3  raw honey
(Raw honey contains more nutrients than regular honey because the heating process destroys them)

*  1 cup nut butter
(I mixed ½ cup organic peanut butter and ½ cup organic almond butter)

*  1 tsp vanilla
*  1 tbsp. flaxseed oil
*  ¼ cup mini dark chocolate chips (or whatever type you prefer, remember dark chocolate has more antioxidants and less sugar than other varieties)


  1. Put Oats in food processor and blend into a flour. 
  2. Empty into a mixing bowl and add dry ingredients. Mix together.
  3. Add nut butter and honey to dry mixture and mix until creamy.
  4. Add in vanilla and flaxseed oil and mix well.
  5. Add in chocolate chips.
  6. Press into the bottom of an 8×8 pan and cool in the refrigerator. The mixture becomes more moist after sitting in the fridge for a short time.  

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The Next Aha! Moment

The Next Aha! Moment

I would make a bet to anyone dollars to donuts that in the very near future, the medical scientists will make these three points very clear to physicians and to the general public:

1.  Having a very low level of sex hormones is very risky and leads to all sorts of health problems and poor quality of life.

2.  Over treating with high dose and/or synthetic hormones is very risky.

3.  Treating patients with low dose, closely monitored bio-identical hormone replacement using the proper route is the best treatment to maintain quality of life and good health with aging.

There is almost nothing that is controversial in those points and the medical science that is published already suggests those 3 conclusions. These finding are coming out of places like the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins, not ‘Larry’s Basement Medical Blog.’ Feel free to open the following links to read more and see what I’m talking about….

Dr. Rich Sinda

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Why Not Prevent Diseases?

Why Not Prevent Diseases?

Hello, I am Dr. Khalid Mahmud. Here is a little about how I got into Anti-Aging Medicine.

I was a board certified Internist and Hematology-Oncology specialist, and practiced these specialties for a long time successfully. I even opened a cancer center which became quite successful.

After many years of treating these dreadful diseases, I questioned myself, “Why not prevent them?”

So I got into Anti-aging and Preventive Medicine and received a board certification in this discipline. I have treated approximately 1,000 patients. This profession has been very rewarding for me to watch my patients respond so positively. I have also been able to share my experience and medical data to the public and medical community through my book, “Keeping aBreast” and medical publications.

In one of the articles, published in the Journal of General Practice. I shared my experience of about 460 menopausal women that I have treated with natural hormone therapy. Not a single one developed heart attack or stroke. Conventional hormone therapy (using synthetic drug hormones) would have caused 33 such events. Two women developed breast cancer, which statistically is good, considering the fact that one out of seven American women develop this disease.

My hope is that conventional medicine will notice this and stop using synthetic (drug) hormones.

– Dr. Mahmud, MD

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Have you had this experience??

Have you had this experience??

I see women all of the time who say throughout their entire adult lives, they have had a stable/upbeat mood, optimistic outlook, great sleep and no anxiety until they hit menopause. The women say their personal lives are stable and these changes seemed to start for no good reason after menopause. When they reached out to their physician most were told that all hormones everywhere, used in any form, are dangerous and should be avoided (which we know is not true).

They were often offered sleeping pills like Ambien and anxiety medicine like Xanax (both of which usually lead to dependence) and an antidepressant like Prozac or Effexor. Some try these for 1-2 months and then realize they feel like a ‘zombie’ so they stop. Others receive the sleeping, anxiety and anti-depressant prescriptions, promptly throw them in the trash and then come to see me to treat the hormone deficiencies that are the true cause of these new symptoms.

Women Do Not develop Ambien, Xanax and Effexor deficiencies, they develop estrogen and progesterone deficiencies. Almost universally, treating their hormone deficiencies makes their insomnia, anxiety and depressed mood improve and/or resolve. The scary part to me is the group of women (who are very common) take all 3 of these medicines day-in and day-out. Their symptoms might be controlled but they are dependent on these habit forming medicines and take them daily for several years. This treatment is risky and does NOTHING to address the underlying deficiencies that are causing these symptoms in the first place…..a hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone.

– Dr. Rich Sinda

Meet our Physician, Dr. Sinda

Meet our Physician, Dr. Sinda

Hello! I am Dr. Rich Sinda a physician here at Innovative Directions in Health. Here’s a little about me.

I completed my residency in 1994 and am a Board Certified Family Practice Physician. I have practiced in a variety of care centers: office-based, hospital and urgent care. In 2002, I became very frustrated when the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study was released showing that hormones derived from horses given to menopausal women by mouth increased their risks for heart disease, strokes, blood clots and breast cancer. After the findings of this study a “knee jerk” response was made by the traditional medical community and presumed (in my opinion, wrongly presumed) that this study concludes all hormone replacement for women in all forms is dangerous. Modern large studies (like a large French study in 2010) showed this is not the case. Also, a study by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) made up of research scientists and Ob/Gyn physicians, concluded that topical estrogen does NOT seem to have the same risk and IS much safer.

However, I was being urged to take all of my menopausal patients off of hormone replacement as quickly as possible – leaving these women high and dry and miserable with poor quality of life – I knew deep in my bones there MUST be a way to relieve the suffering and deterioration associated with menopause in a safe and effective manner. Telling women they had to suffer was not acceptable to me (or to them). So after over about 5 years of extensive reading and research, I found that a safe and effective path to post-menopausal hormone replacement DOES exist with bio-identical hormone therapy given in the right way. I joined into this practice at Innovative Directions in Health because I believe in keeping the body at optimal health by practicing prevention and replacing the hormones that already exist in our bodies to a safe level.

Since I have been using bioidentical hormones in my practice, I must say I have never seen any therapy transform the lives of my patients for the better. I look forward to seeing my post- menopausal patients. I have also become acutely aware of the vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that are rampant in people starting around mid-life and the need to supplement. Stay tuned, I’ll get more into that later.

– Rich