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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Q)  I gain a few pounds every holiday season and I’m just so sick of it!  Is there anything you can recommend?? 
A)  This is a very common story…and very commonly frustrating!  Personally, I think it’s best to remember that parties and food and drink are a part of our celebration rituals and are an important part of socialization.  To think you won’t participate or won’t eat/drink might be setting yourself up for failure.  Instead…learn to embrace the celebration, and the people,….but have a PLAN for the indulgences part!
For example, if you are hosting a party or dinner, try to make the conversation or other non-food related rituals the focus.  Keep the food in a separate area so people aren’t tempted (including yourself) to eat mindlessly.  If you go to a party, never show up hungry.  Try eating a plate full of raw veggies prior to going to fill yourself up and drink a few glasses of water.  Then, enjoy the foods you like – but take very small servings of each.  Remember it is the enjoyment of tasting the good food that is pleasurable – not getting so full that you are stuffed and don’t feel well.  With drinks, take ½ the serving (like ½ glass wine) and make sure to have a large glass of water in between the next drink.  If you are a dessert lover, have a few bites so that you enjoy the flavor but then stop.  Remember to savor the food with each and every bite.  Also, keep other calories to a minimum on days you know you’ll be entertaining.
Life is full of moments that we should embrace and celebrate and they often come with rituals of eating and drinking.  Instead of having an inner struggle with this each holiday or special occasion, learn to expect the challenges. Have a plan and make these small changes to lead to an overall lifestyle change that lasts all year long.  If you do gain a few pounds, relax and don’t beat yourself up over it…get right back on reducing calories over the next few weeks to lose the pounds immediately. 
Everything in balance and moderation….  Happy Holidays!!!!