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Tips for Healthy Breasts

Tips for Healthy Breasts

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would summarize how to best detect and prevent breast cancer this month, in lieu of publishing any questions.

Specific risk factors for breast cancer are: close relative having breast cancer, history of artificial hormone use (for any period of time), smoking, drinking alcohol, a diet poor in vegetables, low Vitamin D levels, and excess weight (>20 pounds overweight). Also, having PMS (a progesterone-deficiency) is a risk factor, as well. The caveat of all this is that many patients who develop breast cancer have no risk factors at all.

For best breast health, including breast cancer prevention and early detection:

1. Get yearly mammograms
2. Perform monthly self exams (although current recommendations advise this isn’t mandatory, I personally believe they are still a good idea); any changes should be reported to your provider
3. Do not use synthetic hormone replacement drugs (HRT)
4. If you smoke, please quit or at least cut down as much as possible
5. Reduce weight – keep your weight in healthy range with Body Mass Index (BMI) between 19-24
6. Limit alcohol intake to 1-2 drinks daily at most; and preferably red wine
7. Know your “D” – make sure your blood level for Vitamin D is between 50-80ng/ml…if it isn’t you’ll need to add supplementation. Most patients we have are on an average of 5,000 units daily!
8. Increase daily vegetable intake – if you can’t get 7 servings a day (and who can??) I recommend Super Green Energy powder – ½-1 scoop has everything you need to enhance your nutrition!
9. If you have PMS, consider getting treatment with bio-identical hormones – women with PMS have 3x greater risk of breast cancer
10. Add Green Tea Extract supplements (not just drinking the tea itself) 400mg daily – this is the strongest, most powerful natural supplement we can take to prevent breast cancer. It fights breast cancer cells in at least 8 different ways!
11. Other supplements to consider (especially if you are at high risk) – Indole 3 Carbinol, Lycopene, Iodine, Curcumin

Happy Breast Health!!!